Capture the 

fashion noise

Capture the 

fashion noise


The brand's new clothes

In early 2018, White Noise Event Group hired us to redesign their logo and website where fashion stylist could browse and download collections of selected contemporary designer brands.  They also organize contemporary fashion, art and gastronomy events.



Timeless geometry

As a first phase of the product design process, we carried out several interviews with stylists and journalists from the target audience. Based on what we found out, we created user journeys to map their assumed experience.  With the help of the journeys, we: managed to identify and highlight many problems stylists faced at that time, understood how they interacted with similar websites and what they expected from them, identified functional requirements and gathered ideas about how we could solve some of the problems.



UI design


We had to pay special attention to the homepage because that is what stylists and journalists see first and it is the most important one among the touchpoints. We created some cards of possible homepage elements and asked people to group and organize them in an order that made the most sense for them. They were allowed to create new cards as well. Once we managed to come up with working solutions for the identified problems, We started designing the final user interface. While creating the user interface, we paid special attention to high fashion characteristics ( high-end, minimalistic) and the personas’ needs.